Forest carbon credits with SWEEP

In March 2021, the SLB Group was selected by the platform, enabling us to offer you verified carbon credits (VERs*) on the voluntary carbon market. You make your commitment to carbon neutrality a reality by financing an innovative afforestation project by purchasing these carb on units

*VER : Verified Emission Reduction


The programme

SWEEP has selected 4 SLB farms from the Econologic Program®, planted between 2019 and 2021, in the state of Paraná, Brazil.

Each farm consists of a portion of FSC®-certified planted forest (60% on average) and a portion of preserved native forest left to regenerate naturally (40% on average).

This combination of forests provides timber that limits the pressure on endemic forests while creating ecological corridors for biodiversity (fauna and flora).


  • Transparency , traceability and measurability ensured (registration number guaranteeing the uniqueness and traceability of the tCO2 allocated)
  • Programme and methodology certified
  • CSR program combining environmental and social impact:
    • Afforestation and preservation of native forest
    • Measured positive impact on communities and providers

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The information on this page is provided as an example and does not constitute a contractual document. It is intended to facilit ate understanding of the programme

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