Biochar carbon credit swith

In October 2021, the SLB Group was certified by, the only platform to sell carbon credits from biochar.

You can buy 100% French certified carbon credits (CORC*), based on the production of our Terra Fertilis® biochar , on the voluntary carbon market, thus making your commitment to carbon neutrality a reality.

*CORC : CO2 Removal Certificate

The programme has had our biochar production plant located in Argentan , Normandy audited by an independent third party. Our carbon credits are certified according to the “ « CO2 Removal Marketplace v2.0 Biochar Methodology ».

The Terra Fertilis® is a vegetable charcoal produced from 100% wood from sustainably managed French forests. It allows, in addition to its agronomic qualities, to permanently sequester CO2 in the soil.

Biochar sélectionné par Solar Impulse


  • Transparency , traceability and measurability ensured (registration number guaranteeing the uniqueness and traceability of the tCO2 allocated)
  • Life Cycle Analysis and methodology are certified
  • CSR program combining environmental and social impact:
    • Soil regeneration, water retention
    • Local employment

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The information on this page is provided as an example and does not constitute a contractual document. It is intended to facilit ate understanding of the programme

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