SLB carbone credits

Founded in 1991 as a timber trading firm, the SLB Group, a French company, initiated its international expansion through the acquisition and sustainable management of forests. To meet the growing demand for wood, while respecting Nature, SLB has been developing an innovative afforestation programme in Brazil since 2009. It is based on a vision of which the group is a pioneer, which combines economy and ecology: Econology.

Inspired by the Amazonian “terra preta ”, SLB has been producing an organic amendment resulting from the pyrolysis of its forest biomass since 2017 : the Terra Terra Fertilis® biochar.

On the strength of this know how, for several years now, the Group has also been offering solutions to companies to help them achieve their carbon neutrality objectives.

The SLB group carbon solutions

Econologic Program

Econologic Program® 3

Forest investment land + stand
Carbon Fixation
Origine : Carbon Sequestration
Brazil Forest
Carbon verification : Bureau Veritas
Benefits for your company
  • Return on investment
  • CRS
  • Competitive advantage for tenders, subsidies, loans
  • Preservation of the native forest
  • Positive social impact, measured by Kinomé
  • Forest education programme for children: Forest&Life
  • Restructuring of the soil
  • Replacement wood, FSC® certified
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Terra Fertilis®

Carbone Credits
Origine : Carbon Sequestration
Biochar France
Carbon verification : Bio Inspecta /
Benefits for your company
  • CRS
  • Contribution to global carbon neutrality
  • Competitive advantage for tenders, subsidies, loans
  • Water saving
  • Local employment
  • Reduction of chemical fertilizers
  • Soil regeneration
  • Retention of nutrients in the soil
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By purchasing SLB carbon credits, you are making a concrete contribution to a carbon sequestration project with a positive en vir onmental and social impact.

Whether you are an SME, a large group or an institution, we have a solution adapted to your needs!!

Contact us for a tailor made study on one or a combination of our carbon solutions::

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Solutions recognized and certified by international organizations.