About us

Founded in 1991 by Stéphane Ledentu as a wood trading and forest management firm, the SLB Group initiated its international expansion as of 2007, in Romania, through the acquisition and management of forested massifs.

Additionally, since 2008, the SLB Group has been developing an innovative afforestation concept in Brazil, reconciling the ecology with sound, profitable forestry investments. SLB created, in 2011, its carbon offset brand Econologic Program®.

With over 10,000 Ha under management, the Group is diversifying its activities by producing and marketing a wood-based organic amendment, usable in organic agriculture. This innovative and high quality product is now offered to both corporate clients and consumers.

Creation of SLB

forest management and wood trading

Création SLB Création SLB

Certification PEFC

Certification PEFC Certification PEFC

Trading activity
of forested massifs

Activité de négoce de massifs forestiers Activité de négoce de massifs forestiers

massifs management

First French group dealing in Romanian forests

Roumanie gestion de massifs Roumanie gestion de massifs


Brésil Afforestation Brésil Afforestation

Creation of
the Econologic Program

Création de Econologic Program Création de Econologic Program

Certification FSC® en Roumanie

Certification FSC en Roumanie Certification FSC en Roumanie

Launch of
Terra Fertilis®

a 100% natural organic amendment

Terra Fertilis Terra Fertilis

Charbon végétal

Implantation d'un site de production de charbon végétal avec
"Zéro émission de CO2" à Argentan

Charbon végétal Charbon végétal

Création d'Osmo Fertilis®

Labellisation Bpifrance Excellence
Création de la SICAR SLB Econologic Timber

Création d/'Osmo Fertilis Création d/'Osmo Fertilis

Our business

  • Forest owner
  • Forestry promotion
  • Afforestation and Carbon offset
  • Producer of organic amendment – Terra Fertilis®

Key figures


+ than 1 033ha



+ than 7 000ha



+ than 3 600ha

les chiffres clés du groupe SLB

Our offer

Become owner of
a forest
and make the world

your ecological

the virtues
of our
high quality product
Terra Fertilis®

Our strengths

Our labels and certifications